Asian Materials is one of the largest domestic producers of sunflower oil and pressed seed cake. Production facilities, upgraded in 2004, allow processing up to 300 tons of sunflower seeds per day. MP-68 oil presses and G-68 heaters are used during sunflower oil extraction, oil is pressed out once allowing producing a biologically active product; pressed seed cake which is obtained during pressing has high protein and other important nutrition components. Storage facilities of the enterprise make it possible to conduct round-the-clock provision of raw materials amounting to 2 000 tons per day so that the seeds meet the requirements necessary for their storage. Aggregate capacity is 50 thousand tons of sunflower seeds and 10 thousand tons of pressed seed cake. There is a refining plant and deodorization plant at the facilities which allow obtaining high-quality vegetable fats. The refining plant makes it possible to process up to 280 tons of vegetable oil per day.

Oil undergoes all stages of refining:





We keep constant technological and laboratory control over the product quality and over reagents used in these processes, supplementary deodorizing powders and bleaching earths at all production stages. Production equipment was installed and brought into operation in 2004. When equipping the production line, the latest developments of the refining equipment manufacturer were used.

All these factors make it possible to receive high quality refined oil which goes to the deodorization plant for further refining. The deodorization plant is equipped with three independent lines of vegetable oil deodorization manufactured by Stroipischemash OJSC. Productivity of each line is 90 tons per day. Deodorization lines are fully automated that allows to eliminate human factor influence and to supervise correctness of technological process more thoroughly. Production laboratory, equipped in compliance with all standards and high level requirements to food production, provides constant control over the finished product and parameters of the whole technological process. The finished products come to the Bottling Department where up to 250 tons of oil are processed per day. This department has up-to-date equipment allowing to produce PET bottles and to carry out oil filling and packing in the widest range of bottles. Oil is saturated with nitrogen in order to prevent its early oxidation and to preserve its consumer qualities for a long time. Oil is bottled in containers and packed in corrugated packaging.