About us
We are exporting to the following countries. UAE, Holland, Russia, Malaysia, Germany, Brazil, China, Singapore, USA, Japan, France, Mexico and South Africa.

The main directions of export from Russia:



Rail Track


Asia Materials is the largest processor of sunflower seeds in the South of Russia. The company's main activity is production of high quality sunflower oil under many trademark. We use the best sunflower seeds gathered in the fields of Don and Kuban for oil manufacture. The unique technologies of oil refining enable to preserve vitamins and biologically active components necessary for a healthy diet.

Our Company dealing in all type of energy and lubricant product. We can provide, any quantity of below grades, also many other type of oil, and oil /refinery, products. We can supply, any quantity, in any packing, with your brand name, in retail packing, or in bulk packing, or full load. Products are purchased from refineries directly or via our locally owned companies.

Our Company is also regarded as one of the leading stockholders and traders of structural steel. Asia Materials is carrying all grades and able to facilitate to our customer’s needs.

Our Company has been operating in all kinds of Herbs and materials . Since then our products have acquired very good reputation among customers in Middle East countries. The distinctive features of products manufactured by our Company include good quality, durability, aesthetics and attractive price. We have a professional and modern stock of machinery as well as qualified and experienced personnel. We take advantage of the most recent technologies and raw materials of top quality. During our presence on the market we have created an image of the solid and reliable Company meeting expectations of customer’s needs. Companies cooperating with us value our reliability and professionalism. We owe good reputation and reliable brand mostly to all products of high quality and aesthetically designed packaging. Our production engineers and designers are able to meet even the most demanding group of customers halfway. We are highly regarded among customers and buyers for promptness of deliveries as well as quick and efficient servicing. Out of concern for the interest of our customers we are constantly expanding our sales network.

Asia Materials is open to receive real enquiries of end buyers, buyer mandates or serious brokers which have interest on the deals and professional attitude. Please be advised that we work hard to arrange the best deals for both parties involved, seller and buyer, brokers will be commissioned as well but, we will not waste time selling dreams for unprofessional brokers.